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The silk road: Extra service for induastrial goods

Containerised steel cargoes get their own door-to-door service on the Silk Road. Together with DB Cargo, Haeger & Schmidt Logistics (HSL) has developed a standardised complete solution for industrial goods.

“The shipper books a complete service. This gives him the entire transport chain from a single source, which includes the pre-carriage, container stuffing, main leg and delivery, including documentation,” explains Björn Becker, who is responsible for the Port Logistics Division at HSL. A particular strength of the transport concept is its flexibility.  

“Our initial experience has shown that we can implement the preliminary run, including stuffing, within a week. The transport time on the Silk Road is 18 to 22 days. With currently 14 round trips a week, there is plenty of capacity available,” Becker knows.  

A separate area is being set up for container stuffing at the new HSL steel terminal in Duisburg (www.steel-warehouse.com), which is currently under construction. This includes a truck yard with six ramps for fast handling including stuffing and stripping of containers, including palletised goods. HSL has a high level of expertise in the loading of steel coils with very high unit weights and the load securing of high-value industrial goods.  

“We see a growing market in the liner services between Duisburg and the terminals in China with a great need to stuff containers professionally and safely. This is where we want to contribute with our know-how and capacities,” says Becker. Especially for time-critical goods and goods with a high capital commitment, the faster overland route is an ecological and reliable alternative. 


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Haeger & Schmidt Logistics GmbH
Tel: +49 203 80 03 0
Email: info@haegerundschmidt.com



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